Alternative Penis Enlargement Procedures

Many people already know about the existence of penis enlargement pills and devices. These are readily available through the Internet, sex shops, and increasingly in more mainstream retail stores. However, what most people don't know is that there are actually a number of alternatives to penis enlargement, which do not involve taking tablets or using suction pumps or the like.

Indeed, one way of making your penis bigger is by having surgery. This method is known in the medical community as "phalloplasty". Phalloplasty is the process of lengthening a penis, by applying more of the body tissue to the base of the penis, and therefore pushing out the main structure.

Alternatively, if the patient wants their penis to be wider, this procedure is called "girth enhancement". Again, this is done by applying bodily tissue to the penis, however this time along the side of the penis to make it wider.

Impossible For "Normal" People

People who have an average sized penis is strongly recommended not to have cosmetic surgery to enhance the size. This is because of the constraints on such surgery. When you are applying new tissue to the penis area, the shape of the penis overall could be distorted.

This happens more and more as the penis gets bigger and bigger. The reason for this, is that the penis needs support from the muscle tendons within - and the more tissue which gets placed on the outside of the penis, the more pressure gets put on those tendons.

Therefore, the risks of the surgery include inability to get an erection, major decrease in sexual performance, stamina, and potential energy, and other secondary issues, including urination problems.

As you can see, and as with any surgery that you may undertake, there are definitely risks for the long-term well-being of your body.

For this reason, we would question as to why anyone would want to use the surgery route, when they could simply turn to the penis enlargement pill industry for help. Penis enlargement pills have been proven by both nutritionists, doctors, and in many trials done by independent testing agents.

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