What Are The Signs Of Male Menopause?

Menopause is not something that only women experience. It occurs in men also and But unlike women, male menopause does not occur in all men. Also, the symptoms of male and female menopause are not much different. When an older male member of your family begins to behave in a different way, it is quite possible that he is one of few men suffering from Andropause.

 Male menopause occurs when the testosterone levels in a man begins to decrease. It causes a number of ailments, none of them comfortable. The reason for the menopause in men may not always be increase in age. The level of the male hormone may also decrease due to illness, obesity or heart diseases.

The symptoms of menopause in women are fatigue, hot flashes, joint pains and muscle pains. There is no energy and sometimes the woman feels depressed too. In men, the emotional symptoms are similar to that of women. They feel listless and irritable for no reason. You may suddenly find your usually calm father or brother shout at you without any reason and get irritated for the smallest thing.  When things, which normally leave them unruffled, elicit a harsh response from them, then the low hormones may be the reason.

Another major symptom of male menopause is diminished libido and consequently, the inability to get an erection. This is similar to what women experience. They no longer enjoy sex and as a result, it may cause troubles in a relationship. The menopause now becomes a reason for concern, as it enters the life of the individuals, disrupting it and causing stress.

However, male menopause is rarely diagnosed correctly. The sweating and lethargy may be misdiagnosed as a heart problem and the decrease in libido and erection as erectile dysfunction caused due to psychological problem.

But there is some good news for men. After years of research, scientists now believe that all these symptoms are associated with male menopause. Physicians and sex therapists now test the testosterone levels. If they are found to be low and the men exhibit three major symptoms, it is attributed to male menopause. The three symptoms are erectile dysfunction, decreased libido and low frequency in morning erection. The other symptoms may or may not be present. As these findings are now published and accepted, the treatment for male menopause is gaining popularity. With the treatment, you will find that you are your usual self again.