Penis Enlargement Pills vs Spam Email

Have you checked your spam box in your e-mails, only to discover that it is full of advertising for penis enlargement pills? If you have, this is probably put you off the industry entirely, because it would seem as if the only way of advertising such products was by black, deceptive means.

Unfortunately, this is all too common. Indeed, even the penis enlargement pill industry has admitted themselves that there is a major issue with spam e-mail for such products. However, what the large companies also pointed out - was that they themselves have never ever sent even a single spam e-mail to any recipient.

If this is the case, where are the spam e-mails coming from, and who is sending them? We did a bit of research of our own,and have come up with some surprising answers.

Who Sends The Spam?

Did you hear about the person in the United States who got caught, prosecuted, and is now in jail for sending out excess amounts of spam e-mail? If you dive deeper into this case, you will have seen that he was an affiliate of one of the penis enlargement pill companies. By that, we mean that he was paid for every supplement that he sold, and hence he had the motive to send out as many e-mails as possible, in the hope that someone would click a link in the e-mail, and order the product.

Of course, this technique is not just used by the one person. Spam e-mail is entirely formulated for this purpose. It is for this reason that many Internet security advisors recommended simply deleting all spam messages, instead of opening and clicking on links inside them.

It is also why they recommend not looking at e-mails from people who have never heard of before, especially if they have strange subjects, strange names, or randomly appear in your personal inbox on a regular basis.

What Is The Industry Doing?

Given that a number of affiliates of the penis enlargement pill industry are using this black hat method to advertise the products and supplements, you're probably wondering what the industry as a whole is doing to stem this type of behavior.

Indeed, your requests are not falling on deaf ears. Recent policy changes and the outlawing such deceptive practices, and affiliates who use spam as a marketing method and now being punished by having their accounts closed, and their commissions eliminated.

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